Time for the seaside

Wow what a summer we’ve had…rarely have we had such demand for dresses, tops, tunics.  Is everyone suddenly embracing sustainability or maybe the sun has got to you all!

Anyway we’re not complaining!  We’ve had a wonderful season, it’s been lovely to see all our clients, old and new,  and as ever fascinating to see what trends you are keen to follow.

Now it’s time for a break.   Enjoy August wherever you are, whatever you are doing and we look forward to seeing you all in September.   As ever we will advise by email.


We have been so happy to see so many new faces and old friends at The Snappy Dresser.    We’ve had some sensational deliveries of clothes and sales have been brisk.

With sustainability at the forefront of so many minds not to mention all over the press you’d be forgiven for thinking that buying preloved, or second-hand, or nearly new was an entirely new concept.   Well we’ve been doing it for years and it’s great to see so many people getting on the band wagon.   If you haven’t tried it, or us, before now is the moment.   Our clothing and accessories are clean and contemporary and a FRACTION of their original prices.

We are now focussing on summer clothes and have some fabulous beach/holiday wear.


Is it just us or has life really returned to nearly normal?  Here at The Snappy Dresser we have been thrilled to see so many clients returning and new clients introducing themselves!

Weddings, racing, parties.   Its all go!   We have a fabulous array of dresses, coats, bags and shoes and lots of summer staples too – white jeans, cut off trousers, tops and lightweight jerseys and jackets to ward off the chill.

Come and see us soon!


Spring really does seem to have arrived!    Our stock reflects the wonderful sunshine and it’s a joy to see so many lovely clothes and accessories arrive at our door.

If you are going to a wedding or off to the races we really are well worth a visit – lots of dresses,  dresses and jackets and coats.

Wedding Fever

It seems as if all those postponed weddings are happening this summer and our call for wedding outfits has meant we have a really fantastic selection of dresses, coats and dresses, dresses and jackets in all sizes and colours.     Not just for weddings either!   Race meetings,  garden parties and the opera.   Now is the time to dress up and get out and enjoy ourselves.

Spring is in the Air

After the havoc caused by Storm Eunice, spring is finally in the air.   We are taking in wonderful new early spring clothes and accessories and it really is worth coming in to have a look.

If you are going to weddings or plan a day at the races we already have some great dresses and jackets in all sizes 8 – 18.


Despite freezing temperatures and frosty mornings our thoughts are turning to Spring.   Lots of demand for wedding outfits,  particularly dresses with jackets and a fascinator to top things off.

If you have outfits in your wardrobe that you really don’t think you will wear again do bring it to us – the longer you leave it the less “sellable” it will become.

In the meantime this is the last call for our sale.      Business has been brisk and it’s time to come in and bag yourself a bargain or two.


This is the moment that we turn our minds to warmer weather and start to make room on our rails for lovely spring clothes.  Our winter sale is in full swing and we have reductions on all but the newest arrivals.

There is still time to find a padded or wool coat, a winter jacket (which will take you into spring with a T shirt underneath).   An easy to wear dress perhaps or a pair of ankle boots.

Lots of stock, lots of low low prices.

What’s your Resolution?

2022 – and Covid is still with us but a semblance of normality in everyday life.    Make this the year you resolve to spend less, spend better.     We all love updating our wardrobe and without doubt if you buy “preloved” clothes you are doing your bit to save energy, save landfill and make our planet a bit safer.    How can a jersey priced at £14 from a supermarket so any of those things?

We have a great selection of designer ,  and some high street,  brands.     Coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, jerseys and tops.  Also boots, bags and shoes.   With a wide range of styles to choose from The Snappy Dresser is a great place to find that perfect something you didn’t know you were looking for!

We look forward to seeing you soon

Christmas is coming

Suddenly as if from nowhere December is just round the corner!   We’ve been exceptionally busy over the last couple of months and it has been WONDERFUL to see so many clients, old and new, embracing sustainable shopping and finding “just the thing” at The Snappy Dresser.    Lovely clothes, shoes, boots and handbags continue to arrive on a weekly basis and we are constantly delighted by the treasures you bring us.